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SSS Enterprises has grown with dedicated, efficient & reliable service to the customers with smile, imposed confidence with public.SSS Enterprises promoted by the dynamic visionary Mr G.Loganathan who is one of the leading person to provide you the needs and understand your requirements and work accordingly. SSS Enterprises also has enviable track record of continuous dividend to understand your requirement. On this view, SSS Enterprises Finance will give short term loans and guide and motivate the clients to pay their loan dues on time to banks & financial institutions. Based on our financial support, the clients will be able to maintain the excellent track record.

Dynamic founder of SSS Enterprises- Mr G.Loganathan is a compassionate leader, born to promote human needs and requirements regarding loans and financial advisers. His ideals of “Service with Smile” and “Customer First” along with nothing is impossible attitude, has catapulted SSS Enterprises as one of the leading short term loan providers in Chennai.

Mr G.Loganathan has an numerous years of experience in this field. With his hard-work and perseverance achieved many milestones which others would not have dreamt at all. He believes in his style of - Service with Smile. He endears himself to his clients through his Customer Friendly Approach, Personal-cum-Humane Touch and Top Quality Service

We are experts in providing loans to many people for their related needs and requirements. We assure to provide you best loans for all purposes. Our expertise are best in providing you whatever your needs are. We offer all types of loans such as Mortgage loan, Business loan, Personal loan and Real estate loans. SSS Enterprises helps you with various promotional and expansion activities for your business by obtaining Real estate loans. Contact us to know more about our loan providing services and more.

To provide loans and financial needs all over India and to become best in each and every steps they move on.

  • • To give Short Term Loans to the Public to come out from financial crisis.
  • • To help the customers to honour their financial commitments on time
  • • To provide Short Term Bridge Loan as Stop Gap Fund, against delayed payments for all emergency and financial needs.
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